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Cookie Policy


This page describes which cookies are used by Global Garden Products Italy S.p.A. ("GGP Italy"), whose registered office is at via del Lavoro 6, Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Italy, tax identification and VAT no. 07684381002, or third parties authorised by it, to collect or access some items of information relating to the use of this website (the "Website").


1 - What are cookies?


Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by the user send to the user's terminal, where they are stored and retransmitted the next time the user (or a user who uses the same terminal) visits the same websites. While using the Website, the user's terminal may also receive cookies from different sites ("third-party cookies"), in the form of specific links to the websites of other domains.


Cookies can be used for different purposes, depending on the websites on which they are installed; they can be used for IT authentication, session monitoring and storage of specific information relating to users who access the server.


2 - Types of cookie used on the Website


Technical cookies- Some of the cookies used on the Website ("technical" cookies) are strictly necessary to guarantee the technical operation of the Website or to provide services expressly requested by the User in case of any registration, to surf the Website and use all its functions (e.g. to remember the User's preferred language, etc.). These are mainly "session cookies", which are used to provide a more efficient service. The use of these cookies is strictly limited to sending session IDs (consisting of random numbers generated by the server). These cookies do not collect information about the User which could be used for marketing purposes, and do not track the User's web-surfing activity. The installation of these cookies is a pre-requisite for the use of the Website; if they are disabled, it will not work.


Consent to these cookies is not required, because they are essential to provide the User with the services requested.


Performance cookies- The Website also uses "performance cookies" to analyse accesses/visits to the Website, solely for statistical purposes, by collecting information in aggregated form. The use of these cookies is designed to improve the Website, and does not require the User's consent. However, Users may disable these cookies at any time by following the instructions below. For more information, consult the Google's privacy policy


3 - Enabling/disabling cookies


Users can enable or disable the use of cookies at any time, by changing their browser settings.


Users can easily delete the cookies installed in the cookie folder by following the procedures provided by their browser.


If cookies are disabled on the User's computer, the User may not be able to access some sections of the Website.


Latest update: February 2015