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Kõrgsurve pesur HPS 650 RG

PC_ACCESSORY Kõrgsurve pesur HPS 650 RG

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The STIGA HPS 650 RG is a 150 bar cold water high pressure cleaner designed to work on large sized areas thanks to its superior comfort thanks to its extra handle. It is engineered to be very stable, light and easy to move thanks to its large rubber transport wheels and the telescopic handle with soft touch. HPS 650 R is equipped with a hose reel and accessory holder and is optimal to remove heavy dirt on surfaces like gardening machines and tools, gardens, terraces, patios and staircases, bicycles, motorbikes, city cars, paths and driveways, wooden elements, cabin facades and much more.
Its superior quality components guarantee a long lasting life.

Max pressure: 150 bar
Max rated flow: 550 l/h
Piston material: Stainless steel
HIgh pressure hose length:12 m
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Mudeli number 2C1502804/ST1
EAN kood 8008984800670
Jõuallikas Elektriline mootor
Max pressure 150 bar
Working pressure 140 bar
Max rated flow 550 (l/h)
Working rated flow 500 (l/h)
Võimsus 2800 W
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max water inlet temperature 50 °C
Pistons number 3
Total stop system (TSS) Yes
Self priming Yes
Ergonomic extra handle Yes
High pressure hose length 12 m
Cable storage Yes
Hose reel Yes
Handlebar max heigth 900 mm
Electric cable length 5 m
Lance with adjustable spray nozzle Yes
Lance with rotary spray nozzle Yes
Transparent water filter Yes
Hose quick release Pump outlet gun No
Pressure adjustment Yes
Nozzle cleaning pin Yes
Box dimension (L X W X H) 436 x 403 x 825 mm
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