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Ilma mootorita tänavapuhastushari SWP 475

PC_ACCESSORY Ilma mootorita tänavapuhastushari SWP 475

299,00 €


Very easy to handle and use. The STIGA SWP 475 push sweeper is an in-and-outdoor tool designed to remove dust, dirt and debris like leaves, papers, cans from hard and concrete surfaces such as driveways, path, patios, parking lots and many others. SWP 475 is designed to face a medium duty work and is equipped with two cleaning brushes with a diameter of 410 mm and with a collector capacity of 50 L. The sweeper comes with 250 mm rubber wheels for enhanced traction. This tool is optimal for cleaning medium residential and public areas.

Power source: manual
Sweeping performance: 2900 m2/h
Drive system: Push
Disk brush diameter: 41 cm
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Mudeli number 2W0755011/ST1
EAN kood 8008984800601
Töölaius 75 cm
Koguja tüüp Plastik
Koguja maht 50 L
Harja läbimõõt 41 cm
Käepideme tüüp Lame
Reguleeritav käepide Ei
Mõõdud (PxLxK) 800 x 770 x 1200 mm
Box dimension (L X W X H) 790 x 290 x 845 mm
Netokaal 11,2 kg
Brutokaal 13,5 kg
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Andmed ei ole kättesaadavad